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Does Equinix have a central switching fabric?

Yes, the Equinix Internet Exchange provides an Ethernet switch fabric over which networks can exchange IP traffic.

Can I connect my Ethernet switch to the Equinix Internet Exchange fabric?

Yes, all connections to the Equinix IX are over Ethernet. Our policies limit participants to a single MAC address per port and do not allow layer 2 protocols such as Spanning Tree to be shared between customer devices over the Equinix switching fabric.

Do I have to notify Equinix if I change the device or port I connect to the IX switch?

Yes. Equinix filters all IX traffic on the MAC address each participant has registered. If you change the device connected to the IX, please email noc@equinix.com with your new MAC address.

How do I get an IP address assignment for my IX port?

Equinix will assign an IP address from its allocated subnet for use on the IX. Equinix will also maintain the in-addr PTR record you provide for this IP address.

Are there Equinix peering discussion lists?

Yes, there are multiple peering discussion lists:

On a global level, exchange-discussion@equinix.com can be used to make announcements to your peers or to discuss related topics. To subscribe, please email noc@equinix.com with a request to be added to the exchange-discussion@equinix.com mailing list.

Each of the AP Exchanges in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney, have separate discussion and announcement lists as well. You can manage your subscriptions to these lists at http://lists.ap.equinix.com/mailman/listinfo.

Can I peer with the IBX Kiosk wireless?

Yes, when you peer with the Equinix Corporate network (AS14609) it includes the IBX Kiosk wireless network. When peering is established with AS14609 you will eliminate transit hops and latency between the IBX Kiosk wireless and your equipment in the IBX. To establish peering with AS14609 please email peering@equinix.com.

Do you support Link Aggregation?

Yes, participants can add capacity by using link aggregation groups to bind multiple ports into a single logical port.

Can I remotely connect to an IX fabric?

Yes, Equinix supports remote connections to IX switch hardware from networks not physically present in our facilities. All Equinix IX policies apply as well as an additional Remote Connection policy.

Does Equinix provide route servers on its IX fabrics to automate peering with open peers?

Yes, Equinix calls this service the Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange (MLPE), and maintains a redundant pair of route servers at each IX for this purpose. We support IPv6 at all MLPE locations and BGP communities for route control at many. For full description of this service, and to request participation, please visit the MLPE Registration Page.

What should my router settings be for MLPE participation?

MLPE participants should configure 'no bgp enforce-first-as' and 'next-hop-self' (or similar commands for your implementation). We recommend a Max-Prefix setting of 50,000, which is roughly double the number of prefixes announced at our largest MLPE sites.

Another Internet Exchange participant will not peer with me. Is there anything you can do?

Equinix is a neutral player; while we encourage our participants to foster an open exchange environment, we do not exercise any control over the routing or peering policies of any participants. If there is a technical issue we can help you resolve, we are more than happy to help, but we cannot influence the peering policies of our customers.

Can I exchange IPv6 traffic over my Exchange Port?

Absolutely. Equinix supports assignment of IPv6 addresses and reverse DNS for dual-stack peering on the same peering port as IPv4. To be assigned an IPv6 address please email the request to noc@equinix.com.

How do I obtain IPv6 addresses for my IX Port?

Please email noc@equinix.com for your IPv6 address assignment.

Do you have any plans to integrate the IX fabrics in San Jose and Palo Alto or Ashburn and Vienna, VA?

Based on customer demand for redundant peering presences in those locations, we are keeping the fabrics in Silicon Valley and the Washington DC metro separate. If you have any questions about fabric reachability options, please email peering@equinix.com.

Do you provide connectivity to IX locations from other metros (e.g. Palo Alto from SV1/SV5 or Zurich from Geneva)?

In general, we do not provide connectivity options between sites in different regions, however we can assist in connecting to Palo Alto or San Jose from local Equinix sites and have options between Zurich and Geneva as well. For additional information on connectivity options, please email peering@equinix.com.

What are the Equinix Metro Abbreviations?

Equinix Metro Abbreviations

AT Atlanta
CH Chicago
DA Dallas
DC Washington DC (Ashburn)
LA Los Angeles
MI Miami Metro
NY New York Metro
PO Palo Alto
SE Seattle
SP Sao Paulo
SV Silicon Valley (San Jose)
TR Toronto
VA Vienna, VA

AM Amsterdam
DB Dublin
DU Dusseldorf
FR Frankfurt
GV Geneva
LD London
MA Manchester
ML Milan
MU Munich
PA Paris
SK Stockholm
ZH Zurich

HK Hong Kong
SG Singapore
SY Sydney
TY Tokyo

About Us

The Equinix Internet Exchange Portal (IX Portal) allows Equinix customers to find information about peering services available at Equinix locations across the North American, European and Asia-Pacific regions. The key features of the IX Portal are:

Flow traffic stats for your IX and GRX Ports and aggregates by IBX, IX, Region, and Total Participant Lists for all Equinix IX and GRX locations Technical information on the Equinix IX platform Topology diagrams for multi-site IX Points Find A Peer list of networks you can peer with Equinix contact information In addition, the IX Portal implements a common set of credentials that allows users to log in to the IX Portal, Equinix Customer Portal and Equinix Ethernet Portal with one username and password.

Key Features

  • MLPE
  • Private VLAN
  • Remote Blackholing