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Equinix Internet Exchange enables networks, content providers and large enterprises to exchange internet traffic through the largest global peering solution across more than 25 markets.

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Equinix Internet Exchange Features

Private VLAN

Request a Private dot1q VLAN to create an isolated broadcast domain over Equinix Internet Exchange, which can be used for direct bi-lateral peering or to create a community of interest


The Multi-Lateral Peering Exchange (MLPE) service allows networks who are connected to Equinix Internet Exchange to securely exchange routing information with multiple peers using only a redundant pair of BGP sessions with Equinix MLPE route servers, with support for BGP communities to allow tight policy control

Remote Blackholing

Support for BGP based Remotely Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) filtering to drop attack traffic from participating peers before it reaches your router, both via MLPE and bi-lateral sessions

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Over 1200+ organizations across the globe


Equinix Internet Exchange Datasheet

The Equinix Internet Exchange allows networks including ISPs, Content Providers and Enterprises to easily and effectively exchange Internet traffic.

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Platform Equinix offers high-performance reach to the greatest number of end-users and the most vibrant ecosystem of customers within our data centers.

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About Equinix Internet Exchange

Equinix operates the world’s largest internet exchange footprint, with the most peers, in the most markets, passing the most traffic.

Delivered on a globally-available internet exchange architecture across more than 25 markets on Platform Equinix, Equinix Internet Exchange aggregates thousands of peering sessions, lowers costs and enhances network control, performance, speed and reliability.

Whether you are optimizing your network to rapidly access and distribute data, shifting your IT to the edge to maximize performance or scaling your peering relationships, Equinix connects you to the people, places and opportunities that matter for your digital future.

Key Features

  • MLPE
  • Private VLAN
  • Remote Blackholing