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Warsaw MLPE Route Server Migration

After Equinix acquired Telecity / PLIX, the Equinix IX in Warsaw has undergone a series of upgrades to provide additional capabilities for customers and to align with our IX platforms globally.

To accommodate this change, customers will be migrated from 2 x route servers that support IPv4 and IPv6 to our new MLPE platform. In order to facilitate this migration, we request that customers peer on both the legacy route servers and MLPE during the migration.

Please see the configuration information below for both the route servers and MLPE platform:

Legacy router server IPv4 IPv6 AS number
ix-rs1.wa1 2001:7f8:42::a500:8545:1 8545
ix-rs2.wa1 2001:7f8:42::a500:8545:2 8545

MLPE IPv4 IPv6 AS number
ixrs1.wa1 2001:7f8:42::2:4115:1 24115
ixrs1.wa1 2001:7f8:42::2:4115:2 24115

MLPE peers are required to maintain registered ASN, AS-SET (where appropriate) and Route Objects with an Internet Resource Registry (IRR). ASN and AS-SET must be provided to Equinix to ensures that all prefixes advertised to MLPE Route Servers are acceptable and provide a level of protection for all MLPE peers. Below you will find links to RIR documentation and guidelines on how to create and maintain these records. LACNIC customers are directed to the RIPE IRR for guidance.

Community Matrix for Both Platforms


Legacy RS


Default Open (Announce to All)



Default Open Except AS12345


24115:24115 0:12345

Default Closed (Announce to None)



Default Closed Except AS12345

8545:65000 8545:65111

0:24115 24115:12345

Prepend 1x to AS12345



Prepend 2x to AS12345



Prepend 3x to AS12345



Prepend 9x to AS12345



Set local pref 40



Set local pref 50



Set local pref 140



Set local pref 150



The following planned timeline outlines the milestones as we move towards a full decommission of the legacy route servers. If you have any questions or feedback about this effort or related communications, please contact noc@eu.equinix.com.

Thank you in advance for your effort in migrating to the new address space.

Important Dates

June 30th, 2020

End of migration period. Peers, route servers, route collector and blackhole services will be fully operational. New peers are only provided MLPE information for peering. Legacy route servers will be decommissioned by June 30th 2020.

May 1st, 2020

Equinix will stop refresh filters on legacy route servers.

January 1st, 2020

Equinix MLPE route servers, route collectors and blackhole services will be available in conjunction with the legacy PLIX route services.

  • Existing customers will receive a notice to commence peering with Legacy Route Servers (if not already peering) and MLPE alongside a notice that legacy route servers will be turned off by 30th June 2020
  • New customers will receive information about peering with Legacy Route Servers and MLPE alongside a notice that legacy route servers will be turned off by 30th June 2020 on their handover email

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I peer with both the legacy route servers and MLPE simultaneously?

Yes, this is the recommended configuration during the migration period to ensure you benefit from all routes available across both legacy router servers and MLPE.

Do I have to notify Equinix if I change the device or port I connect to the IX switch?

Yes. Equinix filters all IX traffic on the MAC address each participant has registered. If you change the device connected to the IX, please email noc@eu.equinix.com with your new MAC address.

Is there a mailing list where I can alert other networks to my transition or discuss approaches to this transition?

Yes, emea-discuss@lists.eu.equinix.com can be used for updates and discussion. Please contact noc@eu.equinix.com if you would like to subscribe. This is normally a low-volume list but may see an uptick in posts during the transition period. See a full list of EMEA mailing lists.

Are there any changes to the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in use at the Warsaw IX?

There are no changes to the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in use in Warsaw.

Do I you have a looking glass on the new MLPE route servers?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a looking glass available on the new MLPE route servers. If you would like to check prefixes, please email noc@eu.equinix.com to check on your behalf. We are targeting to have a looking glass available on the new MLPE route servers in 2020.

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